In the first month of school our students have participated in three separate emergency drills.  The very first week of school we did a fire drill and evacuated the school.  We also performed a lockdown drill to practice what do in case of an intruder.  A week and a half ago we did an earthquake drill where students practice getting under their desks and then safely out of the building.  During the fire drill we even pulled a couple of students from their classes to see how quickly teachers would realize that all of their students were not accounted for.  It was a terrific exercise and our teachers and students came through with flying colors!  We practice these drills so that in the event of a real emergency we will know what to do and students will have a comfortable routine they can follow, even if things going on around them are uncertain.  

Times are uncertain among Elementary Schools in Orem.  Many of you know of the recent decision to close two schools, Hillcrest and Geneva, and consolidate them with Scera Park and Suncrest.  This is unprecedented in Alpine School District and can lead to a lot of questions and uncertainty.  Sharon was left off this list by the Board of Education and will stay open.  For this I am extremely grateful.  We have the opportunity to continue to improve what we are doing to become the very best place for students to learn and grow.  I love being at Sharon Elementary School and have extreme confidence in our teachers, aides, secretaries, custodians, lunch-ladies, and everyone else I am missing, to make Sharon a great place to learn.  

There will always be uncertainty and change in our school.  New teachers, new curriculum, new report cards and tests, and talk of potential changes in boundaries will undoubtedly happen and can bog us down and make us lose focus of what we are trying to accomplish.  We are trying to prepare our students to be successful in their future, no matter what direction the path of life takes them.  Thank you for your support of Sharon Elementary School as we work towards that goal.  Together we can make this the BEST YEAR YET!


Mike Larson